Toronto based musician and viola / violin teacher


I am available to teach violin lessons and viola lessons to students of all ages. I understand that each student has unique needs and goals, and I'll cater the repertoire we work on so that the student can flourish. I was taught in the Suzuki and RCM methods and understand the values of both - I'll emphasize a beautiful, natural tone and comfortable physical approach for beginners and expand this into musical and technical development as students advance.


One of the most important things I'll focus on with students is how to practise effectively at home, outside of lessons - this is where most of the progress will happen. Lessons will normally consist of scales and technique, repertoire development and review, listening, and theory/history. I recommend 30 minute lessons for beginners, increasing the lesson lengths to an hour for more advanced students.


I am currently accepting students for 2019/20! Please feel free to use the contact form or send me an email at with any inquiries about lessons.